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If you are arrested, you have the constitutional right to refuse to answer questions and to receive the advice of a lawyer. Once the officer allows you to call an attorney, call Dusenbury, Snow & Evans and one of our experienced Florence, SC lawyers will assist you.

Court Information

The criminal court for most serious crimes is the court of General Sessions. Less serious crimes are heard in a Magistrate or Municipal court. Magistrates also set bail, conduct preliminary hearings, issue arrest and search warrants, and hear cases transferred from General Sessions court in which the penalty does not exceed one year in prison or a fine of $5,000.

After Arrest

We can request a bond hearing and help arrange for the posting of bond to secure your release from jail pending trial. If the charges are later dismissed or you are found not guilty, we can a court order destroying your arrest record. If there is reason enough to go to trial our criminal defense attorney team will ensure that you receive the absolute best representation possible.